In today’s digital world your online presence is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s your shop window and creates the image and professional persona of your business for the outside world to see, and which in turn can be integrally linked to your success. It provides an opportunity for people to engage with your brand as well as being a valuable gateway of opportunity for existing and potential customers to do business with you 24-hours a day.

To capitalise fully on this opportunity you need a web design and digital marketing partner that understands how to both create your digital brand and how to maximise your opportunities in the online world. You also need a partner that understands the nuances of different industries, business models and the intricacies of e-commerce selling. At Chronologic this is our passion and it’s something we do relentlessly to help businesses like yours succeed.

Web Design & Development –

As the saying goes ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’. If your website is slow, unappealing, poorly-designed, or doesn’t function properly, your visitors aren’t going to stay around. Having developed websites for 100’s of companies across different industries, we have the skill and experience to create attractive websites that will help transform your business’ online presence. From simple, clean brochure sites to more advanced and interactive multi-purpose enterprise portals, we design and build websites that are engaging and deliver the highest possible impact for your business.

We create attractive, responsive websites that are built to sell –

Imagine your best salesperson being on the job 24/7, interacting with an endless stream of ready-to-buy visitors. That’s precisely what we build for your business.

  • Website Strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Responsive Development
  • Conversion Optimisation


Taking your online presence to the next level by enhancing your website with ecommerce functionality extends your business reach and presents new growth opportunities for your business. Ecommerce can offer your business some very real advantages. It’s cost effective, it’s fast, and it’s incredibly flexible.

In the world of ecommerce, your website is your customer’s introduction to your brand and your product, as well your platform to make sales and process payments, so it’s vital to get it right. That’s where we come in.

Whether your focus is on B2B, B2C or even a C2C marketplace, we’ll create the perfect ecommerce solution for your business from scratch. With an attractive storefront that catalogues and showcases your products, and an elegant user interface that enhances your visitors’ shopping experience, right through to transaction processing and payment system integration. We’ll build you a streamlined, efficient ecommerce platform that’s responsive and available 24/7 allowing your business to grow even when you’re not there.

The 3 S’s – Simplicity, Security and Stability

Our goal is to create a pleasant experience for all your visitors, a user-friendly website with clear and easy navigation. That means keeping it simple. Simple doesn’t mean unsophisticated, but it does mean uncomplicated. If your customers can’t use your website easily, or can’t locate what they’re looking for, then you’ve potentially lost a sale. The fewer times your customers have to click to make a purchase, the easier it is for them and the more likely they’ll go through with it.

Customers also need to feel secure when they make an online purchase and want to be reassured that their financial information won’t be shared or compromised. Data breaches and hacks are increasing every day and the reality of doing business online is that your site may get targeted, so it needs to be built and secured to withstand malicious acts. We do everything possible to ensure this.

Lastly your website needs to be stable – that means it doesn’t crash or take forever to load, resulting in a poor customer experience and negative impression. As well as building your website, we can also host it for you on high-speed servers in our state of the art datacentre, ensuring that that your website performs as it should, every time.

Digital Marketing & Advertising –

To ensure your business gets maximum return from your website or ecommerce investment, we also offer management of your website, your SEO activity (search engine optimisation) and social media platform promotion, freeing you up so that you can spend more of your time on running your business and providing a great service to your clients.

To drive business through your website, we’ll build a digital sales conversion funnel for your business and then drive a consistent stream of ideal customer traffic through it via search engine & social platform advertising and management. We’ll measure the performance weekly and optimise the funnel continuously to achieve maximum results over time. We do this for many companies and it works. These are some of the services we can provide for you:

  • Digital Advertising Strategy
  • White-Hat SEO
  • Digital PR
  • Google Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Linked-in Advertising
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Managed Campaigns

Choosing your Web Design and Digital Marketing partner

Whether you are running a service-based business or an online e-commerce store, you need a partner that understands what makes your business unique. Our whole focus is on achieving two things; the best possible user experience for your customers and maximising profitability for your business. It’s all about creating the results you want.

When you contract with Chronologic, you’re hiring a world class team that treats the mission of growing your business the same as we treat the mission of growing our own business. That’s our guarantee.