Online Backup

We provide and wide range to disk-to-disk data backup solutions which cater from the micro-enterprise right up to the large enterprise requirements. Our solutions can be customer-owner or they can make use of our extensive data backup infrastructure.

  • Protection of data on a wide range of servers
  • Protection of mobile data for all workstations
  • Fully automated backup solution
  • No reliance on bespoke hardware or media such as tape drives and tapes
  • Make extensive use of cheap bandwidth to automate off-site backup storage
  • Highly secure backup solution to protect sensitive customer data

Disaster Recovery

We bundle our disk-to-disk backup solution with managed connectivity and Virtualised infrastructure in our hosting environment to provide customers with tailored Disaster Recovery solutions which meet their specific requirements.

  • Online backup
  • Managed connectivity
  • Hosted infrastructure for DR


We provide a variety of hosting services which include:

  • Websites
  • DNS hosting
  • Domain registration and management
  • Infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Mailbox archiving
  • Private Cloud
  • Applications
  • Virtualised infrastructure

Information Asset Management

We provide customer a consulting-led solution to classify their data and implement data protection, backup and archiving solutions around their specific compliance requirements.

Core IT Service Outsourcing

We provide total core IT service outsourcing as a service where we build the core IT infrastructure (all core IT hardware, software and services) and provide a managed service under SLA to the customer for very specific IT services.

  • Core Ethernet infrastructure
  • Wide Area Network
  • Internet connectivity
  • TCP/IP services
  • Directory Services
  • File sharing
  • Printing
  • Database services
  • Core Line of Business Applications
  • Non Line of business Applications
  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Microsoft licensing (SPLA or VLK)

Voice over IP

We provide customers with a Cloud-based PBX solution which dramatically reduces the monthly Telkom costs from a rental and usage perspective.

  • Enhanced Business Continuity
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Feature-rich capability


  • Servers and Desktops


  • Various connectivity solutions (Internet or inter-office)