Chronologic’s Managed IT Services provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to ensuring that your critical IT systems and services work reliably and efficiently. Our Managed IT Services will benefit any size of organisation wishing to free up resources, improve system performance and reduce risk and cost to the business, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business in the knowledge that your IT systems are in safe and capable hands.

Our Managed IT service offerings are designed to be provided individually or collectively – to either augment your in-house skills, or to function as your dedicated IT management and support team – reducing the overhead to employ, train and retain expensive specialist IT skills.

We provide rigorous service levels that are based on industry best practice, and tailored to meet your specific business requirements – whether it be standard business hours or 24×7, office based or remote, on-premise systems or in the cloud – thus ensuring business continuity and reliable and secure IT service management for your business.

Our IT Service Management (ITSM) approach is based on global IT Industry best practice and experience aligned to the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework thereby ensuring the highest standard and quality of service delivery. Through the scale of supporting many customers it means we are able to deliver these services at a cost that is affordable for all businesses.

Reasons to choose Chronologic as your Managed Service Provider (MSP)

  • Flexible Service Agreements and Pricing – Every business has different requirements and resources. That’s why we offer flexible pricing models and work with you to tailor a service level appropriate to what your business requires. As your business grows and your needs change, our services are designed to scale and accommodate this.
  • Responsive Service – Chronologic provides critical support for your business during the hours you need us, from 8×5 to 24×7. By analysing and prioritising incident severity levels we guarantee fast response times to diagnosing and resolving critical issues, every time.
  • Qualified, Experienced Technical Resources – Our service capability is what distinguishes us and what our clients depend on. We go to great lengths to ensure that our technical resources are qualified and skilled in the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure your IT systems allow your business to operate effectively.
  • Multiple Service and Support Options – By providing a wide range of managed support services Chronologic is able to meet any or all of your IT support needs, whether it is specifically in one area of expertise or a full end-to-end outsource of your IT operations and support requirements.
  • Assured Data Security – The security of your company information is something we take very seriously. As an experienced MSP managing many clients’ data and systems, we have the most robust security measures and practices in place to ensure that your data is securely protected at all times.
  • Client Centric Approach – In the new world of work a hybrid workforce is now the norm. Whether your business is now fully remote with everything in the cloud, or back at the office with on-premise systems, or somewhere in between, we ensure your users have secure access to all your systems, from any device or location, at any time, allowing you total flexibility to run your business from anywhere and also deliver a consistent experience to your clients.

What we offer

Outsourced IT Operations

Experienced IT resources can be difficult to recruit and costly to retain, as well as requiring investment in ongoing training to ensure their skills remain current and relevant in an ever changing IT landscape.

Chronologic’s Managed IT Operations ensures that your business has access to a highly qualified technical team 24×7, skilled in the latest technologies and industry best practices to proactively address IT problems and guarantee that your systems are always available to meet your business requirements.

Outsourcing your IT Operations, either in part or full, to an experienced Managed Service Provider such as Chronologic, gives you the benefit of our many years of experience in managing complex networks and systems, providing you with the reassurance that your IT Operations are being taken care of by skilled and knowledgeable experts. We possess deep domain expertise in networking and communications, server management, data protection and storage, cyber security, hosting, cloud services, user support, software licencing, disaster recovery and business continuity, and DevOps support.

Infrastructure Support

IT infrastructure and systems play a critical role in enabling every business to operate effectively. Ensuring these remain stable, available and optimised can be burdensome on businesses, even if they have their own IT resources.

Chronologic’s Infrastructure Support & Remote Monitoring Services provide pro-active monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure and systems, ensuring that your critical business services are always available and operate as expected.

Through systematic and proactive monitoring and management of your IT systems we maximise system performance and availability to mitigate the risk of system downtime and/or data loss. Our real-time monitoring provides a centralised view of your critical IT services and infrastructure, enabling quick diagnosis of any related issues so that these can be addressed proactively before they present a risk of interruption to your business.

Managed Cyber Security Services

Without expert preventative measures and immediate remediation to security threats, businesses leave themselves highly vulnerable to malicious cyberattacks that aim to exploit, steal, or hold sensitive data for ransom.

Chronologic’s Managed Cyber Security Services equip your organisation with the skills of highly trained cybersecurity experts to protect your business from the rapidly increasing frequency and dangers of cyber threats, malware attacks and other malicious intent.

Our multi-level approach focusses on your overall security posture, identifying and managing vulnerabilities across the different layers of your IT architecture providing you with total protection and advanced threat prevention across your network, systems, software and users.

We provide 24×7 monitoring and management, vulnerability scanning, intrusion prevention, detection and response services, data leak prevention and virus protection. In addition to proactively monitoring your systems, we also focus on improving your IT security processes and policies to reduce IT risk and ensure your business remains secure and also compliant.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud-based services are rapidly growing in usage, with over 80% of business globally now consuming some form of cloud service. With the increasing adoption of cloud services so too comes the need to manage the infrastructure and software that is delivered from the cloud as well as securing the application workloads and data that now reside in the cloud. Without comprehensive cloud management, your business is susceptible to security threats, data loss and costly downtime. Outsourcing the daily management and technical support of your cloud-based services provides your business with these specialist skills.

Chronologic’s Managed Cloud Services are designed to enhance and secure your business and IT operations by providing management, support, monitoring and automation of cloud services and application workloads running on public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud.

Whether your business has fully migrated to a public cloud or runs in a hybrid cloud environment combining both on-premise solutions with public cloud services, Chronologic’s Managed Cloud Services allow your business to realise the many benefits of cloud, such as scale and flexibility, while at the same time simplifying the complexity of managing this virtual environment and also mitigating the technical and operational risks to your business.

Managed Hosting Service

For companies that no longer wish to own their IT infrastructure or tie up valuable office space with their own datacentres but are not quite ready to make the leap to Cloud, Chronologic’s Managed Hosting Service provides a cost effective, scalable and secure off-premise alternative to owning and managing your own infrastructure.

Housed in state-of-the-art Tier 4 data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town, our Managed Hosting Service offers your business the option of moving your existing infrastructure and legacy systems into a resilient, highly secure environment that offers both power and connectivity redundancy so that you can continue to operate 24×7.

Chronologic’s Managed Hosting Service provides cost predictability for your business in an environment susceptible to ever increasing hardware and electricity costs. With access to additional infrastructure capacity as and when required on a scalable consumption model, it also provides a future pathway to cloud migration for those companies not yet ready to take the plunge. Our Managed Hosting Service can be provided as a standalone service or combined with our Managed IT Operations Service to allow your business access to the latest technologies, skills and best practices in a partial or fully outsourced model.

Managed DevOps Service

DevOps (short for Development & Operations) is a set of practices which is used to integrate software development and IT operations processes and facilitates collaboration between these two areas, leading to improvements in the speed and quality of the software being developed and also the efficient and secure delivery of the software into production.

Chronologic is uniquely positioned to provide Managed DevOps as a service due to our vast experience in both developing code as well as architecting and managing IT infrastructure for numerous clients.

Chronologic’s Managed Devops service can assist with meeting the velocity of today’s rapid development cycles for businesses needing to ensure that their development environment is optimised in a manner that caters for code to be built, tested, and released into production in a controlled and secure way, with the appropriate failback measures in place.

The business value of our Managed DevOps Service is experienced in our ability to shorten the development life cycle and to also improve the security and performance of the production environment so that software can be delivered faster and continuously as part of the development process.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Service

Chronologic’s Disaster Recovery Service is designed for small to medium sized businesses that require a customised disaster recovery plan and business continuity service to ensure that their business can recover quicky in the event of a major incident.

In a world of increasing uncertainty due to energy supply concerns, climate change and even social unrest, businesses that don’t plan sufficiently for recovery and continuity in the event of a major incident face the potential of significant financial loss and/or closure.

Even while recognising the threats posed by a disaster, many companies lack the resources and expertise to adequately create and implement a clearly defined and regularly tested disaster recovery and business continuity solution. This is where we can help you.

Chronologic crafts tailored disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that consider all your organisation’s operational, insurance and regulatory requirements to ensure that in the event of a disaster your business can get back on its feet quickly and with minimal interruption to your business services.

Data Protection Service

Chronologic’s Data Protection Service provides comprehensive management and protection of your company’s most precious asset – your data. With data volumes growing exponentially, and increasingly residing across many disparate locations on user’s machines, on-premise servers, cloud platforms and software as a service offerings (SaaS), managing this data sprawl and protecting your organisation’s data has become an increasingly complex task.

In order to remain secure and compliant, businesses need to ensure that their data is fully protected, that multiple copies are stored in geographically different locations and that data is retained and stored according to the regulatory and compliance requirements of their industry. Chronologic’s Data Protection Service is designed to help businesses that require both a high level of security as well as a single point of management and visibility of their entire data estate.

Chronologic offers comprehensive data protection services that protect workloads on physical devices and servers as well as workloads and data residing in the cloud. Our solutions offer military grade encryption, are completely tamper proof and can be archived according to any industry or government requirement. We mitigate the risks of data loss and offer cost reduction opportunities with our innovative encryption, de-duplication, and transparent billing model.

Managed User Support

Chronologic’s Managed User Support Service or Managed Desktop Support as it is often referred to, is designed to assist businesses that don’t have the necessary in-house expertise to troubleshoot and resolve day-to-day hardware and software related issues for their end-users. If these devices are not managed proactively this can impact user productivity and morale as well as pose significant risk if users devices are not optimally configured, protected and secured.

We take care of the software and hardware operating needs of your organisation’s end-users so that they can remain productive and safe by ensuring that they have the best software tools and support to get their jobs done efficiently and securely.

Managed Software Licencing Service

Software is a critical component in enabling business and user productivity, and needs to be managed proactively and licenced properly to ensure that your business gets the most benefit from it. Software licencing and usage models however can be complex and with software vendors increasingly moving their software licencing and delivery to a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model delivered from the cloud this adds to the complexity.

Chronologic’s Managed Software Licencing Service takes the hassle (and often confusion) of managing licencing models, releases, patching and tracking licence renewals away from you, ensuring that you are always running the latest version of the software that you use and are appropriately and efficiently licenced for the software by taking advantage of the various software vendor licencing programs.

Outsourced CIO (Chief Information Officer) Service

Chronologic’s Outsourced CIO Service will benefit companies that don’t have the resources or scale to appoint a fulltime CIO (Chief Information Officer) to guide and manage their IT strategy and operations. By acting as your CIO we assist your business with creating and documenting your IT strategy and architecture, ensuring that your IT investment is aligned to serving your business goals and objectives

This provides businesses with the benefit of the latest IT thinking, architecture and operating plans in line with industry trends, regulatory requirements and best practice required to operate efficiently and remain competitive and compliant, without the high overhead of employing a fulltime Chief Information Officer.