What is Keepit?

Securing and protecting your Cloud-based data should be simple, fuss-free and cost-effective.

Keepit is a Cloud-to-Cloud backup solution which gives you back control of your data which is stored within Office 365, G-Suite or Salesforce.

Meeting legislative compliance with respect to email data retention is much easier with Keepit. Once it’s configured, it looks after itself, keeping copies of your valuable data in case you need it at some point in the future.

Keepit helps you protect the valuable business-owned data which resides within your employees’ mailboxes and shared folders from accidental and intentional deletion. Keepit allows you to cast a net over all your critical data hosted within Office 365, G-Suite or Salesforce, giving you peace of mind that your data cannot be accidentally or intentionally deleted.

Most businesses that host critical services and data with Cloud service providers don’t fully appreciate that their business still retains ultimate responsibility for protecting and backing up their own data. Keepit Cloud backup solution provides businesses with an additional archive copy of their critical Office 365, G-Suite or Salesforce data, independent of their Cloud service provider, in case the unforeseeable happens and their data is either lost or inaccessible for an extended period.

Information asset management has become very topical over the past couple of years. Legislation dictates that businesses have an obligation to keep records (copies of their data) for different periods depending on their industry. Keepit provides a very easy way to meet this requirement, providing a Cloud-to-Cloud backup service for Office 365, G-Suite and Salesforce with retention periods from one year to eternity depending on your unique data retention requirements.

Keepit provides for multiple copies per day of your Office 365, G-Suite or Salesforce data to be retained, allowing you direct download or push back to the source recovery options through the easy to use Keepit portal.

Take back control of your valuable data which you’ve relocated into the Cloud. Keepit provides a simple and easy way to keep copies of your valuable Office 365, G-suite and Salesforce data in an independent platform, providing additional peace of mind that your data is protected.

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