DUO Security – 2 Factor Authentication Solutions

Add a second level of security to your critical applications and business systems using DUO 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Your users won’t have to carry an additional token or device with them. DUO Security uses their mobile phones and the DUO Mobile app to ensure that only authorised personnel gain access to you critical IT systems and applications.

  • Microsoft Routing and Remote Access – 2FA for your SSTP L2TP VPN users
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol – 2FA for your RDP and local Windows logins
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access – 2FA for your Outlook Web Access logins
  • DUO API – 2FA for your custom applications
  • Check Point – 2FA for your Check Point VPN logins
  • CISCO – 2FA for your CISCO VPN logins
  • Citrix Access Gateway – 2FA for your Citrix Access Gateway logins
  • Jira – 2FA for your Jira applications
  • Juniper – 2FA for your Juniper SSL VPN logins
  • OpenVPN – 2FA for your OpenVPN logins
  • Sonicwall – 2FA for your Sonicwall SRA SSL VPN logins
  • WordPress – 2FA for your WordPress sites

DUO Managed Services Provider

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for DUO Security, we can provide design, implementation and management services for your applications or systems security requirements.

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