UpBeet Digital is a boutique digital marketing and media agency based on data-insights and creative thinking resulting in many successful campaigns. At UpBeet Digital we pride ourselves in delivering strong strategies that drive measurable and scalable success.

Social Media Marketing


Includes organic content (copy and design) production, calendars, strategies and management.

Paid social media advertising, models include; acquisition, branding, hyper-targeted and reach and frequency.

SearchMetrics Digital Marketing Tool (SEO, Paid, Content, Media)


SearchMetrics is an industry leading insights and software provider. Delivering insights and data that drive SEO and Content Marketing success! The platform is extremely easy-to-use, and comes with full support teams.

With more than 10yrs in the game, and tons of success stories, we’re proud to call them an agency partner. The tool has allowed many a successful campaign to take shape and helps manage many large, mid and small scale digital ecosystem’s in one place.

With more than 2 500 000 data-sources pulling in weekly we’ve got all the basis covered.

Marketing Strategy, Planning and Management


Includes business strategies, marketing and digital marketing strategies, planning, scheduling, negotiations, modelling and data-analyses and process optimisation. UpBeet digital offers marketing and business consulting and coaching for clients in Incubation and growth-hacking clients.

Pay Per Click Advertising


Includes Google Paid search, Bing Paid Search, Social Media paid Advertising in-feed, advertising roll and sponsored stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok and, Google Display Network.

Media Strategy & Buying

Includes media strategy, cross-media-platform planning and strategies (Print, Outdoor (billboard & instillation), TV, radio & Digital.

Digital Display Media includes Programmatic Media buying, Google Network and Targeted Publisher sites (i.e., Waze)