Condition & Production Monitoring

Our goal is to bring digital transformation to the manufacturing sector through our digital analytics platform which delivers real-time, data-driven, actionable insights to help businesses increase production yield, efficiency and profitability

Chronologic uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology and powerful data analytics to provide real-time production line oversight in areas such as material consumption and waste, finished product output, shift efficiency, production process adherence, while also providing visibility and insights into the condition, utilisation and performance of the machinery on the production line.

The consequence of this is that these customers are exposed to various risks such as

  • Unscheduled production downtime
  • Reputational damage due to missed deadlines for product or service delivery
  • Wastage and spoilt goods
  • Unproductive staff

All of these implications can directly impact a company’s bottom line.

We believe that small and medium size businesses should have access to cost effective Condition & Production Monitoring solutions.


Our dashboarding tools provide customers with the ability to track metrics over a period of time to detect trends,  predict impending problems and assist with maintenance planning.


Working with experts in the specific field of application, we are able to encapsulate expert knowledge to alert customers when key metrics stray out of acceptable bounds.


Chronologic use AI & Machine Learning to predict equipment failure based on the insights drawn from the vast volumes of data accumulated over time.

condition monitoring